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Topeka, Kansas, April 5, 2016 — Leading insurance marketing organization Advisors Excel has partnered with Sawtooth Solutions, a technology-focused company concentrating on wealth management platforms, to help support the launch of Advisors Excel’s newest division, AE Wealth Management, an SEC registered investment adviser firm.

One of the fastest growing insurance marketing organizations in history, Advisors Excel recently made the decision to expand to the investment advisory space to provide more comprehensive services to the 650 independent financial professionals it supports.

“Now more than ever, many of our advisors are focusing their energy and resources on growing the wealth management side of their practice,” said Advisors Excel co-founder Cody Foster. “We chose Sawtooth Solutions because they really understand the wealth management business and how technology can facilitate portfolio management, back office support and a comprehensive reporting system.  Sawtooth will help our advisors build the wealth management solutions their clients want and deserve.”

The platform provided through Sawtooth Solutions is both comprehensive and flexible, offering oversight for the entire wealth management process. The company delivers both Unified and Separately Managed Account programs (UMA/SMA) through Best-of-Breed software integrations powered by the client relationship management (CRM) platform. These integrated tools enable advisors to easily implement their offering while embedding the pillars of an institutional framework.

The comprehensive nature of the Sawtooth platform is especially important given the changes expected in the final version of a sweeping new fiduciary rule issued by the Department of Labor (DOL).

“With the pending DOL rule, we feel that Sawtooth is helping us to be uniquely positioned to help our advisors satisfy the requirements of the new rule,” Foster said.

“Sawtooth is proud to work with Advisors Excel and help them build an incredible wealth management platform,” said Brad Pries, CEO Sawtooth Solutions. “They are extremely successful and have done a fantastic job building their core business through their commitment to providing a level of service to their advisors that cannot be matched by any other insurance marketing organization.”

About Sawtooth Solutions:

Sawtooth is a comprehensive and flexible platform for overseeing the entire wealth management process. We deliver both Unified and Separately Managed Account programs (UMA / SMA). These are delivered through our Best-of-Breed software integrations and powered by the CRM platform.  Our integrated tools enable advisors to easily implement their offering while embedding the pillars of an institutional framework: definable and repeatable processes.


About Advisors Excel:

Advisors Excel was founded in 2005 by David Callanan, Cody Foster and Derek Thompson to bring unparalleled service to independent financial professionals while supporting every aspect of their business. By providing access to proprietary products, unequaled training, powerful marketing and lead generation support, as well as a culture in which many of the nation’s top independent financial professionals continually refine their skills to better serve their valued clients, Advisors Excel seeks to raise the expectations of these professionals, both for their own businesses and for the solutions they bring to the families and individuals with whom they work.