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Today’s financial advisors stand before a wave of new technologies, overwhelmed with the prospect of having to be experts at each. The tech seems to be infinite, requiring infinite integrations and a thick notebook full of passwords. Redtail, Motif, LaserFiche, MorningStar – so many systems that do so many functions, even their names are hard to keep straight. At every stop along the way in the advisor-client relationship, there seems to be a half dozen products on offer, like competing vendor stands on the roadside.

For the busy advisor in a fast paced world, the question becomes: How can I understand, let alone master, all of these? How can I possibly integrate all of these solutions?  My value is providing wealth advice, why am I responsible for all this technology ?

That’s a big part of why we started Sawtooth Solutions – so the modern advisor could access all these functionalities in one place, without having to be a tech genius. We work closely with some of the leading providers across the spectrum of fintech solutions to make sure our advisors have the best of the best in every area. While Sawtooth is offered as a service for providing investment and outsourced back office solutions, the service is technology-enabled and covers the waterfront of the needs of an advisor’s practice, large or small.


The Sawtooth suite is built on Salesforce (SF), and is compatible with all the Salesforce features. It also easily integrates with other CRM apps like Pardot, Analytics Cloud, and other SF functions. Sawtooth is your guide for bringing tech together, from prospecting, to nurturing leads, to making sales and continuing the client relationship. Data can go from prospecting to managing the account without leaving the system – fully integrated, all the keys on one ring.

Data Aggregation

Sawtooth currently provides data aggregation through an integration with ByAllAccounts, to give you perspective on all accounts held by your client. Whether the account is managed by you or held-away, Sawtooth’s data aggregation gives you a holistic picture of the client’s money. By bringing tech together, Sawtooth gives you 360-degree vision when writing proposals, and makes the writing and explaining to clients that much easier.  


We are also integrated tightly with Orion at all levels of the business. Reporting, trading, and anything transactional communicates between our system, Orion and Salesforce. Connection with these data giants gives you the information you need at your fingertips, to help you – and your clients – see the whole picture in all its detail. “Knowledge is power” said the ancients, and the most powerful decisions are made with the most comprehensive information.  

Risk Assessment

Walk your clients through a risk assessment survey that will customize their experience for their sensibilities. The survey can be custom-scored for your needs and theirs, to find the most for their money in a way they feel comfortable.  

Our new risk tool is a calculation methodology based on your client’s individual tolerance for risk. This quantitative system helps you to ask the client:

  • How comfortable are you with possible losses over a certain period of time?
  • How much would it take for you to BE concerned?
  • How much would it take to be a pain point for you to fire your advisor?

This pins down results beyond the run-of-the-mill risk survey, and can bring clarity to both of you on the investment journey.  

Survey Tool

The risk assessment tool can also be used to create and give surveys. It integrates with SPARC and DocuSign to create client profile surveys, harvest client feedback – any survey you need to get the information in the right place – the right key for the right lock.  

Paperwork Creation and Signing

Sawtooth offers you the most current data integrated with top of the line software. We support all custodians out of the box, letting you run the process from data collection to DocuSign. The process is completely customizable, even working with trusts and banks that don’t use custodians to create the forms you need to get the work done.  

And you don’t have to spend precious hours filling out fields on every form. The more data you collect on a client ahead of time, the less you have to fill out to the open accounts. Data fields will be populated with the information given in advance, so that you can free up your time to do the actual work of advising in relationship with the client.

Have Tech, Will Travel

At Sawtooth Solutions, we are a best of breed integrator bringing tech together by working with the best programs and systems in the business. We are always looking to add integrations and bring new technology onto the platform. If there is a tech you need to integrate with, let us know, we want to work with you and give you access to the best possible tools for your business.  

In this digital world, technology is the lingua franca – the language everyone speaks. If you aren’t fluent or at least proficient, you could be left out of the conversation. Sawtooth Solutions can be a helpful translator in this new country – we speak the language.